Applying for an ISA Certificate Program Exam

  1. Review the requirements for the certificate program for which you are applying.
  2. No application form is necessary for ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Fundamentals Specialist.
  3. Email the completed application to ISA four (4) weeks prior to your course date. Once approved, you can register for the course and exam online.
  4. Once you complete the course prerequisite, you will be emailed a testing eligibility code.
  5. Go to to locate a Prometric electronic testing center near you, enter your testing eligibility code, and schedule your exam date and location.
  6. You will receive an email from Prometric confirming your test date and location.
  7. Report to the testing center at the scheduled time, carrying a valid, government issued form of identification with a photo and signature, and the confirmation email you received from Prometric.
  8. You will receive your pass/fail results immediately after testing at the Prometric test center.

Prometric Exam Tutorial

Electronic Testing

The ISA84 SIS and ISA/IEC 62443 cybersecurity certificate exams are available electronically through Prometric testing centers. Please visit to determine what locations are close to you. The candidate eligibility window is six (6) months from the last day of the course you attend. Once your application is approved (for ISA84 certificate 2 or 3), and you complete the course pre-requisite, testing must be completed within the six-month eligibility window.

You may reschedule your exam one (1) time with advanced notice of two days (48 hours) prior to the exam date and time. To avoid incurring additional fees, you must reschedule your exam with advanced notice of five days (120 hours) prior to the exam date and time.

You may retest one time during your six-month eligibility window for an additional fee €150. All rescheduling and retesting must be completed within your six-month eligibility window.

After the six-month eligibility window, if you have not taken and/or passed the exam, you must re-register for the certificate program (course + exam) if you would like to pursue the certificate.